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I'm still fairly new to meditation as soon as I've learned about the Dharma. I understood the meaning and how important it is. That there is a better way to deal with suffering, worry or even fears, for example of illness or death. There is an urgency there and also a sense of time pressure because I have never trained my mind until now. It makes it feel like a commitment to myself and also takes away the joy and ease of practicing. It blocks my meditation and getting further there. What can I do to overcome it or deal better with these things?
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I didn't see this question. I will read it and be thankful for your advice. Thanks so much for your answer

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There seems to be two parts to this. One is a wholesome part that sounds to me like Samvega, or a sense of spiritual urgency to keep the path and diligently walk the noble 8-fold path as an urgency to escape samsara. It also seems quite skillful to recognize that you have found a path or practice that can help you navigate the suffering you experience and those you see around you experiencing.

The other side of this seems like it is causing some anxiety and unease. Maybe it is causing you some restlessness as well, only you can know which hindrances are prominent for you at this time. For this, I think it could possibly be helpful to first recognize whatever hindrance is present, such as unease, or restlessness, and bring it to awareness and note that. Maybe you are feeling a type of mental pressure, as I understand from part of your question. So this can also be noted and made aware of as, "pressure, pressure, ..".

In a summary, the wish to learn meditation is a wholesome quality arising for you. Perhaps there is just a bit of getting caught up in wanting it all to be developed right away, or feeling like you need to accomplish everything quickly. These feelings and mental states can be made the objects of awareness, to try to observe if you can clearly see the arising and passing away of them, just as any other object of meditation. They may just be a bit harder to become disengaged or detached from
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Yes, thanks so much! This is exactly the situation and this pressure which is beside the wish of developing the mind. I will try to observe it and maybe one day a can become disengaged from it and become more calm in samadhi. Because actually if I become a little bit calm, there is one point the expectation of becoming better arises and the concentration is disrupted a little bit. I'm not as calm as before, have to start again..
Thank so much for your time and answer, it's really helpful for me
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Mudita for good householders good inspiration,

as the path is one with steps, usually, if having found good faith and foremost see urgency (which is most required), the next step after certain right view is train ones right resolve (renounce world/sensuality, not-harming, not-disputing) and in that way put it into action by right conduct, pleasing behaviour. This already requires a lot of mind-full-ness, remembering what's skillful, what not, and to do not forget oneself, stay aware of what doing, what thinking. It's called Kayagati-sati, being aware of ones body, deeds, appearance, to get not further in debt by unskilful deeds. Gaining freedom from remorse, having made ones conducts even, the path develops further by it's causes. No need, even no way, to pull on advanced when base isn't complet.

That's right effort, which turns around right view, right resolve, right conduct (till livelihood). Once Saddha (surrender in the world) is complete, once letting go of wishing to control outwardly arises, joy arises, satisfaction arises, stillness arise, well-being arises, Samadhi arises... till liberation, knowledge about liberation.

Training right view, metta, in act-ion, gives the foundation to be able to walk on, to concentrate all for going forth, further. Debtless in a more gross realm one is able to enter refined, train there then refined Silas, Adhisila, by no more taking on what's offered, touches. But for now, good to focus on train in the conducts of the Arahats, the Uposatha Silas, as base for refined training of mind.

Next to reflecting on the Sublime Buddha, Dhamna, Sangha (requiring to get them known well), three further reflections allow access to concentration (through righlty joy with oneself): Reflecting on ones virtue, reflecting on ones generosity/liberality, reflecting on ones attributes equal them to gain heavenly worlds (that of Gods, Devas).

So it's all about to gain good possibilities to reflect on the six, knowing them better and better. No proper joy (with oneself) no right walk on.

Much joy in going forward.
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