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I can't get fully relaxed and concentrate in meditation because I know the importance of this and the developed mind because we can die every moment. There is a wish and hope to developing my mind and also like a obligation. Be ready for death. What can I do to overcome this and the hope to get better in Meditation? Because in real the hope to become better because of the knowledge of the importance blocks me and make the meditation and the mind training hard and sometimes stressful and not light and relaxing.

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Do what the booklet recommends. Simply keep noting the wanting to get better or various thoughts about death as they arise.
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From the booklet Bhante Yuttadhammo has written, he has defined meditation partly as creating a clear awareness of the present moment.

As long as you are not dead, you will have each moment, moment by moment, to become mindful of whatever you are experiencing. All one can do is to become aware in each moment, when they remember to be mindful. To create a clear awareness of every experience as it occurs without judgment. If there is fear arising, then fear is to be known in this moment as fear. If there is thinking about the past or the future, then thinking is to be noted.

So from my understanding, there is nothing you need to do to overcome anything or to improve. These will come naturally as the mind learns to let go. And letting go happens naturally as one is mindful in each moment, to clearly see these states of mind which arise and pass away. By being mindful one can learn to not attach or become averse to these states of mind which come and go
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This evil friend of the five evil friends (nivarana), good householder, is called "restlessness and remorse". That comes by having to much debts here and there, or not conducting harmless. "Do that first. And what about this, you havn't done that. Hey, you promised this... When will you give back..." Good to seek for an object to settle the mind and if stay very present, knowing doubtless that current single step is a skilful, that all fine. The path, once knowing right and wrong, requires, next to urgency, just to focus on the step yet. Thought before if harmless for oneself, others, looking while doing, and reflect a little on past steps, will ensure to stay on the path, getting more and more smooth.

So when the evil friend caused good householder foolish worry and stress, just back again, calming the mind. And if it was a good path-pulling friend (dhamma-investigation and remembering), that just follow the advice of worry to step of the track. Once knowing not harmful for oneself, others, rejoice, go on, calmed again.

Sometimes two three deep breath help to get the mind settled a little to trace the joy of going on again.
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