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I'm having trouble on noting thinking. When I realize I'm thinking, the thinking automatically ceases, and since in Satipatthana meditation we're to note the sensation with the focus on the sensation rather than the labelling, how does one properly label a thought that has just dissipated? i.e. I see it as being unrealistic for myself to have a cogent labelling of "thinking, thinking.." while aware of an active thinking process and seeing it naturally cease.

 Do I label the awareness of the absence of thought that has just left, but is this itself just a thought? I generally find myself really tangled at this point and just go back to the breath. It may be that I have a natural tendency to repress the object of my awareness in attempt to gain control over the meditation


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Whenever you are noting a thought, the original thought has already ended. The purpose of the noting is to stop the mind from making more out of what really happened. So if you note it as 'thinking', that should be enough. You can move on to noting the stomach rising and falling if there are no more distractions.
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It's not wrong to refine noting, good householder, to a level which does even elevate to the thought verbalized. Yet good to stay aware whats going on. Starting with body, form, how ever, till no more Bodily-fomations are traced, is good to do first, requiring much thoughtful strategies to still them by "pointing" them out, dismiss.

Following this way proper will lead to right concentration, Jhana, where same can be made in more subtitle way.

As the Sublime Buddha explained how to cross the swamp to a Deva: Not cramping, not stopping, I crossed the path. Cramping, I turned in loops, stopping, I sank.
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