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It seems we have so many worldly issues - climate, racism, violence, sexism, conflict, inequities, & more. How can lay practitioners use Buddhism to heal the world?

I mean moreso on a mass scale, as opposed to on a small individual scale. How could practitioners work together make the world a better place? Could we all have a world Metta day?

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You can work towards making a world a better place, but there is no healing of the world as long as there are people with greed, aversion and ignorance. To mitigate the effects of the three roots of evil, you can work on helping people to understand the Dhamma.
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Sadhu & thank you sankha
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Nothing helps the world, especially one's perceived, and one self, more as to understand that conditioned things can never be healed, and on that insight, start to work ones way out of this dependency. Some might follow, at least other wouldn't be harmed and beloved by other one would leave them behind, having found something secure, good householder.

So metta starts with Sila, with right resolve, helping countless right from the beginning of taking on the peaceful path.

One hardly can get oneself under control, refrain from unskilful, how could such even be projected to others? Good to start there where one has act-ually some amount of control, and learn to increase this freedom of doing wise for the path.
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