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Just trying to figure out the truths of the claims.
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Before creating a question, it would be a good practice to do a simple google search to see what school certain beliefs belong to. Otherwise your questions could get flagged as promoting a different religion.
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It's pretty much the opposite of what you may think. I am asking here to verify or not if this is actually what the Buddha taught.
If for example a school says the Buddha predicted this person my only source of verifying that claim is to see where the Buddha predicted this thing, which I can do by either reading the entirety of the pali canon or ask those who have studied and practice the pali canon hence why i am asking here, Buddhists in a tradition that is about the pali canon, the actual Buddhas teachings.
This subject It is claimed by mahyanaist/vajrayana that Buddha predicted padmasambhavas arising, my only source of finding whether this claim is true or not is asking here.
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If that is the case, instead of going through all the Mayayana/Vajrayana beliefs and asking if they are supported by Theravada, it would be a good idea to simply stick to Theravada Buddhism.
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My understandings of buddhism come from mahayana and vajryana buddhism. I am not new to the dharma.
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This site is dedicated to Theravada Buddhism and we do not consider Mahayana and Vajrayana as real Buddhism. So the questions based on the beliefs of those schools are out of place here.

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That's part of the Vajrayana tradition. We practice Theravada here so, no, there's no evidence in our tradition for that as far as I know.
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