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I am a student and I have to study a lot in order to enter in a public college here in Brazil. Also I have my chores here in my house. I wake up already overhelmed by the number of things I have to do, always fast. So in this context, the question:

     Is it possible to pratice mindfulness, like Ven. Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu teaches , but in a hurry? Or mindfulness is something that you have to do slowly , taking your time, etc.? Like, for example, doing the dishes: I always end doing it fast because I don't like it.


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As a beginner, the quality of your mindfulness practice will likely be very poor if you rush it. Those who are experienced in mindfulness meditation maybe able to practice while carrying out day to day activities at normal speed.

Do your studies and chores according to a timetable and have dedicated time slots for the practice of mindfulness meditation. At other times, be mindful as you are able. It is best to stay at a monastery or a meditation center for an extended period, if you want to dedicate yourself to spiritual development while still being a layman. Lay life is not ideal for the practice of meditation.
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I am also a student, as you are confused i also was confused 6 months before about being mindful.

Really its hard to be mindful as stated in satipatthana sutta for a lay person. Dont feel bad for that, always be in present moment, read with full concentration, meditate daily i mean sitting or walking meditation.
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