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If you are evoking mindfulness towards an experience (specifically a defilement such as anger), does this mean that you not only are aware of the anger and noting it, but that you also understand why it arose? Or is trying to get to the, why, extrapolating or conceptualizing, and no longer mindful?

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I think we already talked about this. It's extrapolation. The why is an interpretation. We're not interested in the interpretation.

 We're interested in how it happens. When this is present this arises. When this is not present this does not arise.
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Nothing comes without a cause, nothing goes without a cause. Noting is not simply noting, it is obviously intellectual noting. When you find a defilement note it and examine what, how, why and try to find the cause the moment you find your next task is to work on that cause to abandon it, and the method of abandoning is dhamma.
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