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I was reading MN2

Here i find some defilements should be given up by restraint, some by avoiding, some by dispelling...

How to look these from Vipassana perspective?

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Read the sutta with the commentaries. Then it will be clear.

"MA makes the important point that there is no fixed determination in things themselves as to whether they are fit or unfit for attention. The distinction consists, rather, in the mode of attention. That mode of attention that is a causal basis for unwholesome states of mind should be avoided, while that mode of attention that is a causal basis for wholesome states should be developed."

"If abandonment of the taints is understood in the strict sense as their ultimate destruction, then only two of the seven methods mentioned in the sutta effect their abandonment—seeing and development—which between them comprise the four supramundane paths. The other five methods cannot directly accomplish the destruction of the taints, but they can keep them under control during the preparatory stages of practice and thereby facilitate their eventual eradication by the supramundane paths."

Sutta with commentaries:  https://www.digitalpalireader.online/_dprhtml/index.html?loc=m.|bt://mn/mn_e_2.htm

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