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I've been struggling with a lot of laziness for some time (the last few months). I try to talk myself into doing things I know I should do, but I find it hard to actually get up and do those things.  Before this happened, I was the opposite kind of person, very active, motivated, and disciplined.

The laziness has arisen exactly at the time I've been practicing meditation. I don't understand why this is happening, and I don't want to give up meditation. I also need to find a way to stop being lazy. Is meditation somehow responsible for my laziness?

How can I become active and full of effort again?
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Take a good sleep..go to bed early.. prevent any lights coming in your room while sleeping..you can take tea...or it may be physiological issue...thank you...
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Thank you for the advice but my sleep routine and hygiene has not changed. Again, this issue has come up since I began practicing meditation.
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Which kind of stuff do you want to finish?
Is it something against Buddha's teachings?
I am asking this because it may happen that you are proceeding in the right direction towards dhamma and you are labelling laziness...
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Pretty much everything seems like too much effort for me to bother. Working out, training  in martial arts, work projects, cooking, cleaning. I have to force myself through these things and feel like I'd rather be laying in bed all day.
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Take it as it is. I heard Vante Yuttadhammo saying that sometimes we become very blissful and sometimes gloomy. It's a natural process...so don't think so much...keep faith on your process. Don't look at results so much..this gloomy days will surpass...

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Laziness is one of the five hindrances. You are supposed to note it until it goes away. Do walking meditation the same amount of time as you do sitting. Also practice Marananussati(meditation of reflecting on death). That should counter laziness.

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