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The Buddha did advise practitioners to seek out secluded areas to meditate, mostly because calm and insight have to work in tandem for maximum effect. If you can't do that then try them out and see if they help your practice. Anyone who tells you that someone can't meditate with ear plugs in would have to then explain their implied position that a deaf person cannot meditate...

When you practice enough, you'll notice the sounds weren't bothering you but you were bothering the sounds. See if you can develop your practice to the point of not needing them anywhere.
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Yes i have started loving those noises..
Thank you

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Try not to avoid anything. We're trying to see reality as it is. Note hearing until it goes away. If you dislike the sound note disliking. If it doesn't go away after some time return to the rising and falling.
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Sadhu sadhu.
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If it's a continuous noise or background sound that is always there, note it a few times and go back to rising and falling. Otherwise note all sounds as hearing... hearing... hearing....
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Sadhu sadhu...
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