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I've heard that there are some monks that can see past things or past lives and future things that are gonna happen, how are they doing this? how can we achieve this? what kind of meditation should we use? how long will it?

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The Jhanas can lead to the development of knowing past lives but we don't teach or encourage that practice in our tradition as it is a waste of time and won't lead to the end of suffering.
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These are meditative powers you gain based on the mastery of the 4th Jhana. They are called Abhiññā:

  1. magical powers (iddhi-vidha), 

  2. divine ear (dibba-sota), 

  3. penetration of the minds of others (ceto-pariya-ñāna), 

  4. remembrance of former existences (pubbe-nivāsānussati), 

  5. divine eye (dibba-cakkhu), 

  6. extinction of all cankers (āsavakkhaya). 

The details on how they are develop can be found in the Visuddhimagga

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can you briefly tell me what kind of meditation should I practice and how long will it take?
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These powers aren't worth developing aside from the sixth one, which is the attainment of nibbana itself. The Buddha even says this. There is information out there on how to get them but ask yourself why someone interested in transcending suffering would want to play with fancy toy powers that are still bound by dukkha, anicca, and anatta?
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Read the Visuddhimagga on how to practice Kasina meditation. Those are the types of meditation leading to attaining of magical powers. the time period depends on the individual.
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