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Me again.

I couldn't find a mention to metta meditation in the booklet on how to meditate?

Should I practice it, and if so, is there a particular technique? For how long?

Thank you in advance.
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The booklet on how to meditate mainly illustrates the practice of Vipassana (Insight) Meditation as in the lineage/tradition of Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo and his teacher Mahasi Sayadaw. Though Bhante Yuttadhammo has also has some talks on Metta, which I can link below for you. In addition, Mahasi Sayadaw had discourses on metta which I can also link below:


May you find peace and ease
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Thank you very much.
I'll look at these links.

Best regards,

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Vante Yuttadhammo has guided mindful meditation in his How to meditate (HD) playlist, do check. One hour or more meditation is good although i meditate only 30 minutes mindful meditation and it is great happiness to be mindful...

Namo buddhaya...
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