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Has anyone ever come up with a  list of almost every word we can use to note things from the 4 foundations ? From formal meditation to almost every daily life activity?

I ask because sometimes I'm not sure if the word I use is the right word and if there are downsides to using certain words.

If there is no such list, is there at least one for noting all the dhammas?

Thank you.
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For example, for the moments I feel sad, or guilty, is it okay to say, "sad", or "guilt", or "shame" or "blushing" ? Or should I stick more to terms like "feeling" or "disliking"?

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The words you use to label the experiences are defined by the language you speak. Mindfulness is not about simply mentally saying a word that is 'allowed' when an experience arise. It's about using an appropriate word in the language that is familiar to you to help you see the experience as it is.  So if you are looking for a list words with various meanings, you are basically looking for a dictionary or a thesaurus.
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Aha, interesting answer.
Thank you Sankha.
Does this also mean that there is no wrong word to use then ?
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Words are secondary. Even you can note the falling and rising of abdomen without speaking any word but it is more difficult i think to concentrate on it, so Vante suggest to utter rising and falling i guess
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