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There are these two rules regarding Bhikkhuni ordination:

  1. “Bhikkhus, I authorize the giving of the higher ordination of bhikkhunīs by bhikkhus,”
  2. “Bhikkhus, I authorize the higher ordination in the community of bhikkhus for one who has been higher ordained on one side and has cleared herself in the community of bhikkhunīs,”

The second rule was introduced after the first rule and apparently it supersede the first. I know this a controversial topic and different teachers take different positions regarding these rules. More here 
I'd like to know Bhante Yuttadhamma's take on these rules. Does it really mean that a woman cannot receive higher ordination from Bhikkhus without first being cleared by an existing community of Bhikkhunis?

P.S. Others are welcome to answer too.

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Thank you, Bhante! It's very informative. Reading it helped me understand why the topic is so divisive.
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