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There's a lot of information online about the various types of Buddha statues, placement, etc. However, did not find much about why people keep Buddha statues in their home. Do they provide any kind of benefit?

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They can remind you of the qualities of the Buddha. It is also an inspiration to practice.
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Some culturally religious people pray to the Buddha statue. I don't guess there's anything inherently "wrong" with doing that, but it never made much sense to me since he passed into paranibbana and would'nt have been able to hear prayers. The Buddha seemed more focused on pointing the way for others to follow a path out of suffering than playing on any deity-like cult of personality. With that being said monastics and practicing lay people use the statue as a reminder of who started their tradition and who they owe their gratitude to for showing them a way out of suffering (at least that's what I've usually observed). When you meet and meditate in the hall with the big buddha statue it's symbolic that you're in the original sangha being offered the Dhamma and he's practicing along side us as he would've been originally. Some like to recreate this feeling in their homes as well.

Also I'm gonna go ahead and say it: Buddha statues look cool. :)
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Buddha always emphasized commuinity, environment of good people for minimizing defilements.

Lay buddhists while at home keep statue as a reminder that i am a buddhist and i should do good kamma.

I have a picture in my study table and whenever some defilements try to enter into my mind i just look at Him. It works as a guidance...

Namo buddhaya.
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