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Hello, so I am vipassana meditator. For 3 years I ve been practicing it attended 3 10day courses and after the third one around few weeks into normal life I did a mantra om mani padme hum. And it felt very very intense through my body, as if it was exctasy and I felt that feeling go through every part.

Now I don't know if its exactly from this experience but after this event in days I have intense experiences just in the middle of the day. By just walking or sitting. And sometimes they are so intense I donno what to do. The whole body feels light, feeling concentrated and ita hard to describe the feeling but its like high. I can think straight tho but sometimes I even generate fear. I am quite stable emotionally and understand that it is temporate and there is nothing wrong with particular feeling, but often gets very intense.

However, wanted to ask your opinion, could it be from this (cause it sometimes gets disturbing while interacting with environment, however I learned a lot through these experiences) And maybe something similiar happened to you? Also I dont fear this feeling anymore too much, but wanted to ask if its normal on this path for a layman. I thank you! Bhavatu sabba mangalam!!!
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Mani padme hum is a Mahayana teaching. Try the Theravada meditation technique mentioned in the answer given by mhernandez. By the way, it's not proper to call yourself 'anagami'.

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Sounds like you may be experiencing the effects of concentration or Jhana. This is a result of Samatha meditation. We don't teach Samatha here but we recommend reading our booklet on our style of Vipassana meditation. It will help you see these "intense feelings" as what they really are: just moments of experience. Nothing special about them.

Booklet: https://www.sirimangalo.org/text/how-to-meditate/
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