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From what I think I understand from the booklet, when practicing sitting meditation we simply note every object of awareness that arises, indiscriminately of what it is, and we stay with it until it disappears.

With walking meditation, we are given the opportunity to "to ignore them, bringing the mind back to the feet in order to maintain focus and continuity."

Therefore, aren't the goals of these two techniques slightly different from one another ? Wouldn't practicing walking meditation be more inclined toward building effort ? And practicing sitting meditation thereafter would make use of the built up effort ?

Thank you in advance for you answer and thank you for everything you have done and are doing in helping people getting rid of their suffering.


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Walking meditation is designed to strengthen your Samadhi(concentration). That's why you ignore other sensory inputs while doing walking meditation. It also has the benefits of countering drowsiness and reducing aching in the legs while doing sitting meditation.

The Buddha described five benefits from doing walking meditation: 

  1. One is fit for long journeys.
  2. One is fit for striving.
  3. One has little disease
  4. That which is eaten, drunk, chewed, tasted, goes through proper digestion.
  5. The concentration attained by walking is long-lasting. - Cankama Sutta
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Hi ! Thank you for your answer !
I also initially thought that it was to improve concentration, but here, it the booklet it says :
"Finally, one may have strong concentration but weak effort, which will make one lazy or drowsy during meditation. This will keep a meditator from effecting clear observation of reality, as the mind will incline towards drifting and nodding off to sleep. People who find themselves drifting off in meditation should practice standing or walking meditation when they are tired so as to stimulate their body and mind into a more alert state."

so it seems like it is designed to improve effort rather than concentration ? Or maybe both ?
I mean, anyways, I believe you still kind of answered my question, since it seems like indeed the purpose the of walking meditation is slightly different from the one of sitting meditation.
Thank you !
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Yes, it does improve energy(viriya) as well. You're welcome!
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