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In the booklet, it is said that the noting should happen at the same time as the object, the mental note "rising" should begin at the beginning of the rising and end at the end of the rising, ie. should last the entirety of the rising.

I find that difficult because in my experience I can't do the mental note and at the same time be aware of the object. In other words when I do the mental note I'm aware of the mental note, and when that stops I can be aware of the actual rising. Is that normal? Is the appropriate thing to know the rising and then do the mental note? (in some of the Q&A, Yuttadhammo says that the noting happens after the moment of mindfulness of the object)

The mind can't be at two different places at the same time, so it seems impossible to have the noting and the awareness of object at the same time. At best it could maybe be a fast back and forth between them.

Hope my question is clear.

Thank you

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You're right. There can't be two experiences at occurring at the same time. The noting happens slightly after the noted experience. But that's OK. Just keep your focus on the noted experience rather than the noting while still using the noting to anchor you. This is a skill you have to develop. Don't worry if it's normal or not. It's happening and you have to deal with it.

If you dislike it note disliking.

If you're getting frustrated note frustrated.
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I appreciate greatly your answer and that is helpful.

However do you think it would be possible to get an answer directly from Yuttadhammo on that particular question? I tried to ask it on the youtube Q&A but could not due to lack of allowed characters in the chat. And because in the book he says the noting should last as long as the rising last. So I would much appreciate clarification from him.
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