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Should one always be noting only one of the sense spheres or is it fine to note anything.


If I see a colour, or a pleasant object can I note "red/blue/green" and "attractive" or "name of object" or is it correct to only note "seeing"

Similar example for hearing, if I hear a car passing in traffic or a song that I like, is it correct to note "car" or "song" or even the "title of song" and if I find that song pleasant can I note "pleasant song (title)" or is the noting specifically supposed to be just "hearing"

What is the limits in noting?

Also what about noting noting?

It seems to me that one could easily get into a never ending hole of noting noting noting...ad infinitum, noting itself is auditory consciousness so noting hearing, then noting the hearing of noting...if you see what I mean!

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No, do not go into details. Just note seeing as seeing, hearing as hearing, thinking as thinking, feeling as feeling etc.
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