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For example if you are driving a car and you are consistently  noting in your mind "seeing, seeing" does this actually make you less aware and potentially increase the risk of you causing an accident?

I am only using driving as an example, but the example can be used for lack of awareness in any action. Like walking, do you potentially get hit by a vehicle because you are too busy noting the sounds of the traffic to notice a bus heading in your path!

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If you try to practice Samatha or concentration meditation while driving, it could pose a danger. But Satipattana usually does not lead to trance likes states when there are so many sensory distractions. Because in Satipaththana, we are not focusing on one single object. It's like saying, if you practice walking meditation, you are in danger of walking into a wall. But we know that is not true. Try it in daily life and discover for yourself.
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Situational awarness means you have to be mindful in which situation you are in, for example, driving. When you are driving a car just be mindful about driving, dont lost in past future thoughts or dont think anything else except driving or in physical level dont listen music while driving or dont eat or dont take calls. It is basic understanding. Just dont loss your attention from driving that may be the cause of an accident. Most of the accidents happen when we divert our attention to another things. Be 100% present on that moment...
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