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Firstly of course the intricacies of karmic effects cannot be known as even the Buddha did not elaborate and said that the effects are one of the 4 imponderable concepts that could drive one mad.

So I am pretty much looking for opinions here not what effects my actions will create.

Buddha once said that teaching what is not the Buddhas teaching as if it is Buddhas teachings creates heavy negative karma for us all and causes the true Dharma to disappear (my own interpretation)

Quote here:

AN1.130- AN1.140


What I am asking is that is paying for "buddhist" teachings (which to me paying is not dana and the spirit of Buddhism) and specifically paying for teachings that are said to be Buddhas teachings but are mixed with teachings that are NOT the Buddhas teachings, is this a negative karmic action?

My reasoning is that I have been asked to listen to some Mahayana teachings that I already know mix teachings that are not the Buddhas teachings, and I have been asked to pay for them as well.

From my side I want to listen to the teachings for the benefit of the person (a Mahyanaist nun) who wants me to listen to them, and in turn so we can discuss them, but I also do NOT want to contribute even in the slightest to the dissolving of the Dharma. In so I feel paying for these teachings contributes towards the dilution these Mahayana Buddhists may be doing.

This is not a Mahayana vs Theravada question that is not viable on this site for questions, I have explained the scenario for elaboration on my question.

This is simply a question about Sila from Theravada view point and specifically the above quote form the AN nikaya.

Thanks in advance
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Are you basically asking if it is ok to charge for teaching religion?
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No I am asking is it a negative action for ME to pay for these teachings. Meaning that me paying for them, I am encouraging these teachings to be spread and in turn enabling the dilution of the Buddhas teachings?

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Imagine you have been bitten by a poisonous snake and you have access to a doctor who is giving you the correct antidote free of charge. Instead of being contented with that, you willingly go to a pseudo doctor and pay him or her to give you a counterfeit antidote while knowing that it's counterfeit. It's very likely that such strange behavior is caused by ignorance.
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Great analogy.
Didn't give an opinion on the actual question but I do get your point.
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The act of giving money to someone who is in need of money is not a bad deed if your intension of giving money is not to help mislead people. But in this case, the steps you took up to that point are likely caused by ignorance.
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Well this sect of "buddhism" want to use the money to build temples and centres which in turn lead them to spread this sects teaching on "buddhism"
Again it is a karmic conundrum.

I see it as a similar conundrum to where voting for politicians who then go to war, I see the act of voting a negative act because I am contributing to the war effort by voting them in.
Where my actions of voting was not for the intention of war, my act of voting gave those in power the ability to create war.

Similarly from this situation I see that my act of generosity for a sect of buddhism allows them to further spread a dilution of the Buddhas teaching.
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It's not that complicated. Whenever you donate money, watch your own mind to see if your intention is to cause something bad. Depending on the answer, you can know if you are Karmically responsible or not.
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