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To elaborate: If there is no "way in" to samsara, but there is a "way out" i.e. nibbana, then wouldn't it be the case that by this point every being would have happened upon nibbana by this point (just by chance, seeing as they have existed forever), and the universe would be empty of beings.

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There are no beings, entities, or objects. This is a misunderstanding of how reality works. Reality is made up of moments of experience. Moments of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and thinking. Nothing else. These experiences are arising and passing away every moment. This arising and passing is samsara. The cycle of birth and death. When enough of these experiences happen we call that a life.

In order for there to be an end to samsara the four noble truths need to be known. Without a Buddha this knowledge does not arise. Once there is a Buddha and they are able to teach this knowledge the path is followed. But after some time this knowledge disappears until another Buddha arises.

A Buddha arising is a very rare event. Coming into contact with the Buddha's teaching is very rare as well. Having heard the Buddha's teaching and having the desire to practice is rare. Having the ability and conditions to practice are rare. Becoming fully enlightened is very rare too. This is why it is so difficult to end samsara. In reality we never know the next time we'll come across the Buddha's teaching so we should take advantage of it in this life while we can.
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Your hypothesis requires few assertions with no proof whatsoever:
1. The number of beings in the universe is finite.
2. There is only one universe or the number of universes are finite.
3. All beings attain enlightenment merely by the passing of time.

"There are these four unconjecturables that are not to be conjectured about, that would bring madness & vexation to anyone who conjectured about them. Which four?"

1. The Buddha-range of the Buddhas

2. The jhana-range of a person in jhana

3. The [precise working out of the] results of kamma

4. Speculation about [the origin, etc., of] the cosmos.

- Acintita Sutta

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