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Venerable Sir

I have been practicing mindfulness breathing meditation for nearly a year now and have been able to calm down the mind to quite an extent i.e. experience tranquility for long durations at a time. I have also able to observe and gain insight to realize that my body and mind are not the same i.e. my mind is watching the breath flow in and out on its own accord (without interference whatsoever).   However, in the last couple of days, I am experiencing something unusual. The mind starts to automatically separate from the body without any effort put in by me. Although I try to control it to stay connected with my body, it still sort of tries to force itself out on its own. This experience has made me a bit scared and I am not sure if the way I am meditating is correct ?   Because I try my best never to lose Sati even for a moment. So I am quite sure it is not  Mitcha Samadhi.   I certainly do not want any go on the wrong path of meditation and strictly follow Vipasana meditation only.

Your guidance will be very valuable to me sir.

Thank you very much


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