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It's never too late. There are several stories in the suttas about people ordaining later in life. Remember we are working towards ending our own suffering. That could take many life times to achieve.
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Pretty sure a lot of theravada buddhist monetaries have an age limit.
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I've heard that some monasteries in Asian countries have an age limit but not all of them. If someone wants to ordain they need to do some research and find a monastery that matches their needs. That's beyond the scope of this website.
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To prevent people from using monasteries as elderly homes or nursing homes, it is usually discouraged to give ordination to old people and sick people. But there are meditation centers you can go and stay for months if you are serious about mediation. In any case, you need not wait till your kids are independent. You can meditate at home or take the whole family to do a meditation retreat if the kids are matured enough.
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