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I'm looking for a reference of where the Buddha said "Putta wattu manussanam" - A child is a treasure to man. 

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It's found, counted, in the Vatthusutta, good householder, answering a Devas question:

sut.sn.01.054 | book_029

(៤. វត្ថុសុត្តំ

[១៦៦] អ្វី ជាទីពំនាក់របស់មនុស្សទាំងឡាយ (what's the support, backing of humans) អ្វីជាសំឡាញ់ដ៏ប្រសើរ របស់មនុស្សទាំងឡាយ ក្នុងលោកនេះ (what's the greatest affection of humans in this world?) ពួកសត្វមានជីវិត ដែលអាស្រ័យផែនដី រស់នៅនឹងអ្វី។ (Humans beings depend on what to exist)

[១៦៧] ព្រះមានព្រះភាគត្រាស់ថា

កូន ជាទីពំនាក់របស់មនុស្សទាំងឡាយ (children are the humans backing) ភរិយា ជាសំឡាញ់ដ៏ប្រសើរ របស់មនុស្សទាំងឡាយ (ក្នុងលោកនេះ) (wife/partner is the greatest affection of humans (in this world)) ពួកសត្វមានជីវិត ដែលអាស្រ័យផែនដី រស់នៅនឹងទឹកភ្លៀង។ (Human being exist depending on rain (water).

54. Kiṃ su vatthu manussānaṃ kiṃsūdha paramo sakhā,
Kiṃ su bhūtūpajīvanti ye pāṇā paṭhaviṃsitāti.

(Bhagavā:) puttā vatthu manussānaṃ bhariyāva paramo sakhā,
Vuṭṭhiṃ bhūtūpajīvanti ye pāṇā paṭhaviṃsitāti.

(Good householder would have more ease when getting adequate to a sanskrit/pali transliteration of his indogermanic language instead of this cultur destructive modern american transliteration.)

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Thank you! Much merits!
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