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Buddhism is a very large category, and it seems as if a person could easily become overwhelmed with information about culture, history, cosmology, metaphysics, ontology, techniques, and many other topics besides.

What sorts of questions are worth asking?

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The Noble 8 Fold Path has a very specific goal: Comprehending & ending suffering (dukkha).

Hence only the following questions and their derivatives are worth asking:

  1. How does one comprehend dukkha to the point of virāga (dispassion)?
  2. How does one abandon taṇhā (craving), the cause of dukkha?
  3. How does one realize the cessation of dukkha?
  4. How does one develop the path leading to the cessation of dukkha, i.e. the Noble 8 Fold Path?

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Questions that help you to become wiser are worth asking. Questions that merely serve the purpose of satiating your curiosity are not worth asking.
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questions targetting towards nibbana.
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