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No. We are not spirits living in a human body.

There is a continuous mind-matter-process. One mind state following after a previous mind state, at a rapid speed.

Death is just another experience, another mind state which will be followed by another mind state, and so on.

So, there is a continuation after death. Just not a spirit, in the sense you're talking about. What will continue is the mind-matter-process. Or, to quote a monk: "Habits will be reborn."
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@Su what we call "reality" (body, what it does/experiences) is an sequence of arising+ceasing of experience & their knowing. there is no underlying everlasting thing such as the soul/spirit.

it is however possible for the above sequence to terminate for short periods or for good. and that is known as nirvana.

the above is neither a belief nor an esoteric knowledge that requires any special abilities. one can "see" it for themselves with a sustained mindfulness meditation practice with an intensive course or two.

having seen the above by themselves, one can start to question: why death should be different from any other experience. one still won't know till they die, but the logic becomes undeniable.

PS: the outcome of the above conviction is that one starts to "clean up their act" i.e. one focuses on cultivating wholesome states of mind and lets go of unwholesome ones.
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You are a subject, that is experiencing the current experiences that come from your sense organs all around and from your mind.
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