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Thanks to the online video instructions by the Venerable Yuttadhammo, I have settled down to a steady meditation practice of an hour a day. I had meditated on and off with some success for 30 years. The recent results have been astonishing. My lifetime of heavy drinking, has been forsaken.  Explosive temper tantrums almost eliminated.  I am a calmer person. My wife is not too happy with the transformation. I used to be a fun guy. She wants the old guy back but I am happy with me.  

While meditating, I feel as though my scalp or hair is moving and I wonder am I feeling the blood moving in my brain.  I started to focus on this feeling, as instructed by Vn. Yuttadhammo, if I understood him correctly. Now I have eased off  from concentrating on these feeling because I started to feel headaches, unusual for me. (no jokes about the drinking, please).  I am aware that scientists have used MRI to record changes to the brain when a person is meditating.

Should I concentrate even harder on these feeling or back off?  

 Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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Could it be Lice?
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I'm happy for you and your positive changes.

The point is not to focus, per se, but to remind yourself of the nature of the experience, so as to avoid judgement, reaction, etc.

You should simply say to yourself, "feeling, feeling", and not put any special focus on the object besides being aware of it. Once you are aware of it, make the note.

Also, note any reactions like worry, etc.
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