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I have been curious for a few years now as to whether you have yet heard of Sadhguru, a now very popular and presumably enlightened guru from India. He is quite a presence and as a spiritual seeker yourself, I think it would be a shame to at least not see one of his videos on YouTube. Thank you for your time. All the best. Mateo.

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Sadhguru is basically a Hindu yogi who mixes Hindu teachings with some Buddhist elements every now and then. I have heard his talks and they do contain good advice that could be helpful to the uninitiated. But they are definitely not up to par with the standards expected by a learned Theravada Buddhist. Some contain teachings that are clearly incompatible with Buddhism.

We generally try to avoid answering questions that expect a positive response about a teacher of another religion. Because giving an honest answer could easily leave a bad taste in the mouth of the questioner and cause an unnecessary distraction. Also, it makes me wonder if this is a question or an advertisement since you have posted this immediately after joining ask.sirimangalo.

In Theravada Buddhism, we are not just trying to live in harmony and find ways to lead a generally happy life. In Theravada Buddhism, the goal is the complete cessation of suffering. So if you are interested in that, I would recommend you to read the books by teachers like venerable Mahasi Sayadaw and get into Buddhist meditation. If you are looking for videos, there is an entire Youtube channel by venerable Yuttadhamma with over 1700 talks and Dhamma discussions covering a wide array of topics.

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I'm well aware that many of teachings and practices are not in line with Buddhism. I thank you for answering so quickly and giving directions, links. It is most definitely not an advertisement, I genuinely wanted to ask this for years now; I have followed the venerable Yuttadhamma for a long time. And I certainly wasn't expecting a positive response, I have tried to write in a neutral way, if that makes sense. But all the best to you, I wish you a lot of success on your path. Mateo.
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You are welcome!  I'm guessing getting an answer to this particular question is not the only reason why you joined this site. So feel free to ask questions related to Buddhism .
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