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Recently in South Korea, child abuse have been on the rise. A highly publicized case recently involved adoptive parents of a baby, who severely tortured and murdered a 16-mon old baby named Jungin. The people of Korea and I are furious because of the unjustness.  Will the baby be reborn to a better place? How do we respond in a Buddhist way to child abuse? I really cannot send metta to those heinous murderers.


Thank you.

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You can do a good deed like offering alms to monks etc. and dedicate the merits to the dead child. 

Other than that, there are several ways to respond that would align with Buddhism:

  1. Practice Metta/Karuna towards the victim and the criminals. 
  2. Practice Upekkha towards the victim and the criminals
  3. Practice Satipatthana and be mindful of your own mind states. 
  4. Give suggestions or apply pressure to the authorities to come up with a better program for adoption. Ex: thorough background checking of the foster parents and periodical visits to the residence to see the condition of the child up to 8 years from the day of adoption.
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Thank you for the answer.
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You're welcome!
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