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I am from New Delhi, India, and want to join your foundation course around summertime this year. How can I work it out because I'd have to plan the whole thing in advance? By way of introduction, I'm a practitioner of Theravada Buddhism for some years now, working solo and particularly into sitting meditation. Is it possible, or do I have to go through some process before that can be done? I'd be thankful, if I can get an early answer.

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Welcome. Our usual process is to start off by reading the "How to meditate booklet" and then doing an online course with Bhante. You meet once a week and this is required before doing the in person meditation course.

Booklet: https://www.sirimangalo.org/text/how-to-meditate/

If you've done both of the above please join our discord channel and ask if they are having in person courses. I'm not sure what the situation is with the pandemic.
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Thanks a lot.
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