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Tricky Question I know as it relies upon my impure mind of seeing a beginning and end. It is also multifaceted as in my mind seeing that there is an existence after parinibbana for an Arhant.

My inquiry comes from this video:

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No they do not become Buddhas. Arahants are completely at peace and there is no more birth for them. Buddha himself is an Arahant. There are 3 modes of enlightenment. They are called the 3 Bodhis.

1. Buddha
2. Pacceka Buddha
3. Arahant

Once a being attain one of these states, that's it.
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A question within a question (which I doubt that it makes sense again from my limited perspective) but can an arhant CHOOSE to be reborn in the human world?
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Nobody can choose to be reborn or not be reborn. If the cause of birth is present, one is reborn. If the cause of birth is uprooted, there is no rebirth.
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