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What to do if during the standing phase of walking meditation (due to the arisen thought), after the aforementioned thought fades, another one (or some other distraction) appear almost immediately, making it impossible to return to the actual "walking" phase for the entire duration of the practice?

Should the meditator continue on with standing meditation, switch to sitting meditation, use samatha techniques for some period of time, return to walking after initial distraction fades ignoring any new distractions or maybe something else?

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Some tips:

Don't wait to see whether something will arise after the object disappears, just start walking again.

You don't have to note every stray thought during walking meditation, you can ignore some if they are not distracting.

Note "distracted", if you are not focused on walking.

Note any emotions relating to not being able to focus.

Do standing or sitting meditation for a while if your completely unable to focus, focusing on the stomach instead.
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Thank you for your answer.

For your third and fourth tip, do you mean, while still walking ? Or should we stop to note these ? In a general manner, can we note things while still walking ?

Thank you in advance,

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