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When I study something and get to a state of flow I feel like I'm one with it, time flies very quickly. Later it felt like I wasn't aware of the process, but I was aware that I didn't feel a sense of self. What should I do as a meditator? How to be aware while you're in a state of flow?

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Firstly: From how you phrase the question it seams that you are not very clear about the mindfulness practice or Sati in this tradition. If you are interested you can explore more by listening to Bhante’s video on mindfulness

Secondly: to answer your question, yes, it is very difficult to be mindful when you are engrossed in some work or activity but there are many moments throughout the day when you can be mindful like while eating, sitting, walking etc. Kindly listen to this answer given by Bhante  

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but I was aware that I didn't feel a sense of self. 

Apparently there was some awareness, so I wouldn't worry too much.

One of the things that the mind has to learn/discover is that there are moments with awareness, and moments without them. Since everything is anicca/impermanent mindfulness/awareness is also impermanent and thus, not always present. 

The recognition that mindfulness is lost is a mindful observation. And just like that mindfulness is reestablished.

Hope this makes sense.

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Isn't it just retrospective awareness?)

Is it even possible to be aware of being in a state of flow?
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The mind can only notice previous mind moments. In that sense it's always retrospective. Something has to already exist, otherwise it can't be noticed. Right? But, the arising and passing of moments is incredibly fast. A teacher once told me that it's several thousand mind moments per second. Basically, you're always looking back into the past, so to speak.
So, sayings like 'becoming aware of the Now' or things like that are highly misleading. But, I might digress here.

And yes, it is possible to te aware when in a state of flow. It's two different things. There is 'being in a flow' and there is 'being aware of this or that'. Two different things equals four different possibilities:
1) Being in flow and being aware of it
2) Being in flow and not being aware of it
3) Not being in flow and being aware of it
4) Not being in flow and not being aware of it

Hope this helps.
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