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When I meditate time would seem to pass by faster is this a problem?

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That is normally something you feel in Samatha(tranquility) meditation. Insight meditation not so much.

Is it a problem? Not if you note the thinking. Because time is a concept and if you get lost in thoughts about concepts, meditation is not happening.
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1. Is it normal?

Well, depends on what you think normal means. ;) Normal often juist points to what we are most familiar with.

2. Times seems to pass faster

Time is a perception. As such it can go away completely. Meaning that it is possible that you reach a point where you will experience no time, or the absence of all time. That is part of vipassana, btw. So, your practice is, as far as I'm concerned, correct.

3. Is this a problem?

There really are no problems at all. Problems are mind created. So, no.
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