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Sir... When talking about sexual misconduct ...you said about tricking  a mate .. for sex..

Actually I didn't rape her she accepted me for doing that and that was my first time but I trick her as I lie to her saying I love her... But now Sir I feel very guilty and I can't meditate properly .. as a meditator I have been meditating 30 minutes 30 minutes vipassana two times a day... But Sir this time my mind is always worried as it always thinks about her . Her life... And thinking about me as a bad man doing sin and all .. So ,Sir

Plese help me sir I want to meditate I am 24 years old... Sorry  for my English

Thank you

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Feeling guilty comes under the five hindrances. You are supposed to do Dhammanupassana(mindfulness of phenomena) to overcome that.

Technically you did not lie to her as the word 'love' can take many different meanings including lust.  But if you promised to care for her and make her your sole partner in exchange for intimacy, you can either keep that promise or apologize to her and determine never to trick people again.

Either way, if you expect considerable progress in Vipassana practice, you have to be celibate first. So you have to stop all sexual activities at least during those days/weeks/months you dedicate for meditation.
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