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For example this sutra relates to questioning everything to find truth in what is taught, so while it is technically practical, it isn't really an action other than a specific way of discovering truths.


I assume there is sutras that explain samatha and vipassana meditation?

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There is a Sutta for every step of the Eightfold path. For Samatha you have the Jhana Sutta. For Vipassana you have the Satipatthana Sutta.

Magga-vibhanga Sutta is a great place to start and get an overall picture of the path.
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Can you point me in the direction of the sutras for the 8 fold path please, if you did not already.
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I don't have all of them handy but if you look on access to insight and search by each step on the Eightfold path you can find multiple suttas that explain them in detail.
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Thank you very much
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